7 Steps To A Successful Blog

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Blogging has become mainstream. Even with millions of people doing it, majority of blogs are uninteresting, neglected or completely abandoned.

So how do you stand out and create something interesting and memorable, something that your readers will want more and more of?

Here are 7 basic steps to a healthy (and successful) blog

Tip #1 – Post Regularly And Post Often

If you only post once a while or post irregularly, you will have harder time enticing your readers to stick around. Make it easier on them and stick to a schedule. Post often to satisfy their appetite for information. Plus, Google will love you, which ain’t bad for your blog either.

Tip #2 – Use Plugins

Utilize plugins that will make it easier for your readers to find their way around and keep reading (relevant posts, most popular post, etc.). And the longer they stay, the better chance you have of converting them into customers, which is the whole purpose of a business blog.

Tip #3 – Concentrate On Niche You Are Passionate And Knowledgeable About

Clearly define who your audience is and write specifically for them. And if you post from experience, your blog will be more relevant to whom you’re trying to reach. Wham! You will reach your target audience and become a voice of authority and expertise.

Tip #4 – Guest Post / Comment On Relevant Blogs

The operative word here is “relevant”. You will be able to offer your expertise and advice to wider audience. At the same time you will potentially score few readers who just might be interested in what else you have to say.

Tip #5 – Write Well

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to use proper grammar, spelling, etc. Write like a pro.

Tip #6 – Market Your Blog

Just like you would market any other website, you need to let the world know about your blog. Utilize social media (Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.). Those sites love blog content and can get you thousands of visitors if you grab their attention.

Tip #7 – Personalize It

With so many people blogging there are thousands of blogs that are just the same boring looking, non-distinct sites. Make your blog more enticing and grounded by letting You shine through. Inject your personality and your readers will instantly feel more connected.

Keep these tips in mind and you should be on your way to becoming a successful blogger. Now go and add some good content.