Boost Your Traffic & Success Online With Social Media Optimization (SMO)

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Boost Your Traffic & Success Online With Social Media Optimization (SMO)Search Engine Optimization and keyword bidding used to be very powerful in driving traffic to any website. After all, traffic and popularity is what you need to make money online. Ever since web 2.0 has come into existence things have change a lot in online marketing.

Social media and other “dynamic” community sites are now playing a major role in driving traffic and website promotion. Optimization techniques have also changed to keep up with the changing scene. SMO can be a very cost-effective tool in boosting your traffic and success online. All you need is to understand it and embrace it.

So what Social Media Optimization (SMO) can do for your business?
  • generates customers, leads, fans, followers, buzz, revenue,
  • generates quality traffic as you can concentrate on targeted (niche) traffic which will improve user stickiness,
  • facilitates brand / reputation management (you gain authority through sharing your expertise)
  • simplifies feedback thus improving your products / services

What is Social Media?

Social media is a tool that brings people together through sharing of content, opinions, news, expertise. It is based on user participation and user-generated content. It’s the ultimate online space for social interaction and peer-to-peer conversation.
Social media can be as simple as text or as elaborate as video. And it’s happening through forums, bookmarks, communities, SMS, podcast, video and of course blogs (I’m sure I’ve left few venues out but it’s impossible to keep up with it all, which in itself should tell you how powerful and popular it’s become).

Basic SMO Strategies

  • Diversify – Don’t stick to one venue instead use multiple tools/sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Aim for Long-Term Effect – Don’t expect results overnight. Connecting takes time and effort. Concentrate on gaining trust and building your reputation. Don’t be an observer; engage in the conversation. Ask and answer questions. Become a real member of the community.
  • Ease In Slowly – Join social sites one at a time so you’re not overwhelmed with information overload.
  • Stay Focused – Target and rally your niche. Focus on becoming an expert in your area.

5 SMO Tips for Small Businesses

  • Create a loyal following
  • Market exclusive offers via social media
  • Incentivise reviews (coupons, discounts)
  • Manage your reputation
  • Educate and inform (articles, posts, press releases)
  • Generate buzz for events, awareness

Many companies have successfully utilized social media to their advantage. You can either ignore its powerful presence in today’s online market or embrace it and drive profit making traffic to your business website.