Core Surfaces Website Design & Implementation Completed

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed the design and implementation of Core Surfaces website.
Core Surfaces - Web Design Completed
This has been a great project for a couple of reasons.

Branding & Web Design

Initially, Brian Putnam has asked me to handle branding design for his newly started company. I really enjoyed that project and managed to develop a unique logo & business collateral that well represents what his company is about: quality service, unique, high-end & lasting product.
Branding Design - Core Surfaces
The fact that I’ve designed both the website and brand identity behind this small business gave me the opportunity to better understand my client and what his company stands for. This helped me offer a stronger service and a line of products that are truly unified.

Relationship With the Client

To me what makes and breaks a project is the relationship with the client. Good communications, trust and mutual respect, well aligned goals and objectives – those are qualities that I usually keep in mind when screening potential clients.

Brian has been nothing but a great client and I can only thank him for making this project as enjoyable as it was.

About the Design

As with the logo we went with crisp and clean presentation, simple color scheme and a user-friendly interface. We’ve added a jQuery plugin, Galleriffic, to display project galleries in an interesting way. The entire structure was also optimized for search engines to aid in bringing in organic, targeted traffic.

Core Surfaces - Home Page
Core Surfaces - Gallery Page

Please feel free to offer whatever feedback comes to mind.

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  1. Nice clean design – I am curious on what platform you decided to build this template and other sites you work on – do you work with WordPress and/or Drupal or do you stick with HTML? How is it applying client requirements to these kinds of design solutions? Any issues? I’d like to do a post for my blog about these kinds of issues in the future. Any interest talking about this?

    Thanks again.

  2. This site is pure HTML/CSS (with some jQuery plugins) though I also work with WordPress. It basically comes down to what platform/solution is better for a particular client. Some like the control WP provides but many small business owners (my clientele) don’t have the time/skill to handle updates on their own.

  3. Nice website, clean and straight to the point without much distraction. And the client that you did it for, Core Surfaces, could you just tell them for me that they are in the right business and know exactly what they are doing. Kudos!

  4. Simply love the design. Great job, yet again, Joanna!!!

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