How You Can Tell the Difference Between Legit Blog Comment and SPAM?

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I’ve been slightly discouraged by the fact that majority of blog comments here are spam. In fact 92% of comments have been spam (Russians tend to love me). Sound pretty standard yet it’s something I’m never going to get used to. Spammers are pretty obvious and you can tell them apart right away. Spam

Here is a short list of their typical behavior:

  • They live a one or two line comment, usually “thanks, great post” type
  • They use their website address instead of real name
  • They have no avatar – want to remain anonymous
  • They stuff the comment with links
  • They leave multiple comments one day and you never hear from them again

Of course the list could go on and on as their ways change but these are the most obvious and the most common things by which you can tell that you’re blog is being spammed.