I Am An Addict!

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A redesign addict, that is. In the past year I’ve redesigned each of my websites at least twice. This is true.

I Am A Redesign Addict!

The good thing about it is that with each consecutive design my websites look and function better. Each new look represents who I am more and more. The bad news is that I’m frustrated and tired of the desire to tweak, correct and polish until it’s perfect, because it never is. And the worst news is… I cannot stop myself.

Redesigning is my addiction – I have a mild case of redesing-itis.

Anything can spark the desire to change a design. Visiting a website gallery, stumbling upon a great design, new technique I’ve just mastered or just getting bored with the current look will be a reason enough. Oftentimes it’s also driven by the business need, brand realignment or it’s purely market-driven.

The need to redesign was especially evident in the very beginning of my freelance career. I was learning at such a rapid speed my portfolio website just couldn’t keep up. After a while it would no longer reflect my personal brand or showcase my design services, my capabilities, or myself. I constantly had to redesign my website to bring it up to speed, make it just right, show that I was a serious competitor.

It’s true, a website is never finished. It doesn’t matter how much love you pour into every pixel. You are never truly done. But instead of redesigning, think of realigning. Tweaking things which don’t function properly is desirable but starting over is usually not.

So I’ve decided to stop slow down. My goal is to focus on small improvements instead of complete make-overs.

As long as my websites are working, no one is complaining and I’m 80% satisfied, I will redirect my creative energy to work on paid projects, which is what I’m in this business for. I can always redesign client’s sites, can’t I?

BTW, how do you like the new design? [wink]

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