I Hope You Don’t Mind But I’ll Write About Nothing

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This week has been a little unusual in that I took some time off from work around the Memorial Day Weekend, which was naturally followed by an extra amount of work to catch up on later in the week.

In fact, only today have I managed to finally answer all the emails waiting to be answered, send out all design proposals requested and turn in all due marketing reports.

Bit backwards, isn’t it? We get away to relax only to return to be stressed out a bit extra. But enough complaining.

I sat down to write a post this morning but I had nothing planned out.

This is rarely the case but then I just look for, and usually find, inspiration somewhere. I read few blogs, see what’s happening on Twitter and just wait for inspiration to hit. Not much luck today, though.

I guess I can write about how excited I am to be starting a new project where I get to take a “pitiful”, as my client called it, website and turn it into a money making machine this small business deserves. I also thought about writing another post on landing page optimization (these are always popular). I even skimmed through this list to help me out.

But I just don’t feel it today so I guess I’ll write about nothing. Inspiration hasn’t come yet and I’m getting inpatient. This must be the creative block we hear so often about.

How do you get passed it? Do you go for a run, read a book or just wait it out? Am I alone in this?

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  1. I Hope You Don’t Mind But I’ll Write About Nothing http://t.co/uh5UtoJ #blogging

  2. I think that creative blocks are actually necessary and good for you. They tell your brain it’s time to switch to doing something else: take a walk, watch a movie, call a friend.

    And writing about nothing is good too, it’s like meditating, when you are trying to think about nothing 🙂

  3. I Hope You Don’t Mind But I’ll Write About Nothing http://bit.ly/lslyAe #blogging

  4. Sometimes is good to write about nothing to clear your head and re-focus.

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