I’m no superwoman, nor a superblogger.

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I'm no superblogger

I have been blogging for about 15 months now and I can attest to how difficult it is. It’s difficult to not only find the time but persistently make an effort to just do it. I only post once a week as anything beyond that would be impossible.

As if balancing life and work wasn’t hard enough.

So why I blog?

Mostly because blog is the Best Social Media Tool for a Small Businesses. From traffic & lead generation to SEO advantages, building reputation and credibility, blogs bring so many benefits to my freelance business that it would not be smart for me to stop.

Often bloggers will deny their true reasons beyond blogging. True, for many it’s purely a hobby. But I think most of us do it because it works – it brings in more business.

The hard part

My problem with blogging isn’t finding topic ideas (probably because I only need one idea per week!). It’s finding the time. It’s making an effort to do it while ten million other things need to get done as well. It’s a matter of priority and my blog is definitely missing out in that department.

When you have to balance between a triple dose of parenting challenges, a growing web design business and everything else that life throws at you, something has to give. For me, it’s my blog.

I’d love to be able to spend more time growing my blog and giving you, my readers, the best I can give but life has a habit of getting in my way.

Take no offense. It’s not you, it’s me!

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  1. It’s amazing how many blogs out there have no new posts since the spring of last year (when every small business was advised to start a blog). That shows you that many people and businesses don’t plan for the time and resources it takes to keep a blog going, let alone be successful.

    Keep up the good work. You offer a lot of useful information small businesses can sure use to improve their SEO visibility and their websites. Kudos for great job!

  2. Thanks, Lukasz. Your blog is great too – very helpful DYI info for homeowners.

    You are right about abandoned blogs. In fact it’s been estimated that out of 1.2 billion blogs out there 95% are ‘dead’ (ie no activity for 3 or more months).

    So let’s pat ourselves on a back for good work!

  3. I think you have a great site / blog, I would like to start one soon, but like you time is not a luxury that I have. I am just learning the ropes and hope to launch my portfolio site within the next 6 months or so.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for doing what you do, it helps the guys like me that are just starting out 🙂

  4. Thank you for your vote of confidence and your kind words. Good luck with your “workingonit” website :))

  5. Hi, I’ve been blogging since about 1997 (this iteration of my blog has only been around since 2007, I suffered a data loss for the work prior to that). I find the best times to blog are either late at night when I’m at home or when my brain gets overloaded at work and I need to take a few minutes to look at something else. My blog is completely unrelated to work, so it’s a bit of an escape for me.

    Anywho, best of luck

  6. I like the idea of blogging purely for fun. That’s a nice outlet to relieve stress, escape and just have fun without any particular agenda. Best of luck with your blog as well!

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