Joanna Ciolek – Best of 2009 Awards

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Joanna Ciolek Web Design Studio - Best of 2009 Awards

This has been a great year for me. Since I’ve started my design studio I’ve helped numerous businesses grow online by designing their websites, developing marketing strategies, helping them get found though search engines. I’ve built more websites that I would have imagined and have worked with some great people. I also learned a ton about design, client relationships, networking, marketing, having a successful freelance career… the list is endless.

I remember each project as if I just worked on it yesterday. I’ve always tried to establish a great relationship with any client that I dealt with. Communication is key. Building good rapport is crucial to a successful project and it was my number one priority when establishing new relationships.

One thing that I kept hearing in feedback from my clients is how smooth and painless the process was for them. Their appreciation for my “superb” communication skills, my readiness to listen and produce great results, but especially my willingness to help and offer unconditional support encouraged me through thick and thin.

Today, I’d like to show my appreciation to the people who have made my year.

Best Project of 2009

LGC Roofing website screenshot
I’ve first heard from Lukasz Sobczuk, the owner of NJ roofing company LGC Roofing, in February 2009 – just one month after officially starting freelancing. What started as a small, unassuming project, turned into a long term business relationship.

Lukasz believed in me more then I did myself. He trusted me with his marketing campaign then also asked me to redesign his website. We’ve implemented a solid marketing strategy, optimized his site to the very last detail and added a blog. From April on, we’ve been continuously growing the site while marketing it via variety of channels, including social media, with significant results. I love the straight-forward relationship we have; it certainly simplifies things.

Best Client of 2009

Goodman Works website screenshot
I started working with Mike Archer in March. I’ve built two small websites for Mike, Tony’s Bar Cards and Goodman Works. There is a third project in the pipeline (hope I didn’t put my foot in my mouth there). He’s also recommended my work, which created additional design projects. Mike’s easy going attitude and just awesome communication skills deserve the recognition for the best client I’ve had in 2009. Thank you, Mike.

Best Business Website Design of 2009

TekSoft Consulting website screenshot
This is actually one of my latest designs, in fact we are still polishing the details. Designing a website for TekSoft Consulting, IT management & consulting firm, has been interesting. I used to work in technical support so I felt right at home understanding what this website should look and feel like and who the audience was. Again, Mark and I have a straight-forward business relationship which helps us stay on the same page and move the process forward smoothly.

Best Non-Profit Website Design of 2009

Hip To Hip Theatre Company website screenshot
In the Spring of 2009, I’ve built a website for Hip To Hip Theatre Company, an artistic outlet of Jason Marr. Jason and his wife Joy, started Hip To Hip to instill in people an interest in theater and the love for Shakespeare. Jason has been a joy to work with and being an artist myself, I felt a special connection and drive while working on this though small but important to me project.

Best Business Partner of 2009

Shannon Peddicord website screenshot
Shannon Peddicord is a freelance copywriter who I’ve worked with for many months now. She regularly provides me with quality, polished and optimized articles, is very professional and has great communication skills. She is a great substitute for my lack of talent in copywriting arena and I’m glad I found her. Shannon, here’s to another great year!

Well, that wraps it up. My gratitude goes to everyone mentioned above abut also to every other client I had the privilege to work with this year. May 2010 be the best year yet for your businesses, full of new opportunities and growth potential. Now, may I interest you in ….

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  1. Wow–I’m honored! Thanks, Joanna! You’re a wonderful business partner, as well. Professional, creative, accessible and responsive,and it’s a pleasure collaborating with you.

    Happy New Year!

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