Link Building? Start With Great Content Then Work It!

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Link BuildingSearch engine optimization (SEO) techniques and trends come and go but one thing never changes and that is our desire to outrank others. After all, we all want to make money and we all know that those ranking high in SERP will make a lot of money.

For years now, link building has been #1 priority for any website owner, search engine optimizer and anyone who’s dealt with internet marketing. Various methods of building links have been utilized. We focus on chasing the next big thing and tend to forget about what really makes the difference in the long run, and that is great content.

We all heard it, “write great content and the links will come”. While that’s a little bit naive, it makes sense. Unless your website offers value, the links you’ve just spend an eternity to build will disappear. On the other had, if your website offers something useful, the links will not only come (with little help) but they will remain in place, boosting your rankings and your bottom line.

But like I said the “write great content and the links will come [naturally]” mantra is a bit naive. It still happens but it’s rare. However, with a little bit of help you can get your great content linked to easily. Here is a 5 step guide to leveraging your great content for better rankings.

#1 – Google Trends

Search Google Trends to figure out what is popular in your niche / industry. Look for keywords that are related to your business and are receiving great amount of for attention right now (either because of seasonality or other special events). They are highly searchable terms that you want to target while they’re “hot”.

#2 – Google AdWords / Keyword Tool

Use the Google AdWords to find terms related to the keywords you’ve selected. You will also be able to refine your list by comparing competitiveness and typical search volume numbers.

#3 – Twitter

Use Twitter search to look up the conversations mentioning your keywords. This will give you an idea of what to include in the content. The idea is that if people are talking about it then they will be looking for more of it. So give it to them.

#4 – Content

Now that you know what’s hot, you know your keywords and have specific idea, create a great content. Remember to use your keywords while creating content that your Twitter research suggested to be highly relevant to what’s on people’s mind.

#5 – Distribution

Use your typical methods for promoting your content but concentrate on Twitter (since you are offering something that Twitter is talking about), Digg and other sites that offer high traffic for “trendy” topics.

If you offer great content that aligns with what’s currently being talked about (and searched for), your chances of getting more traffic and more inbound links increases widely.

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