Marketing and Branding Benefits of a Custom Twitter Background

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We tend to take for granted things we don’t fully understand. Many businesses have embraced Twitter understanding its advertising and marketing power. Some do it better, others are not as effective.

When building a campaign on Twitter, you really have a limited number of tools to use. Here’s what you can do:

  • #1 – Follow the right people who and influential in your niche and get their attention with replies
  • #2 – Promote yourself and your business through Tweets that can be read by your growing following
  • #3 – Market yourself and your brand trough your profile page which consists of a bio, avatar and a background

Comparing to Facebook, LinkedIn and other community sites, you are very limited as to what you can do with your profile page. But, since the interaction potential is so great on Twitter, it is worthwhile to do what you can to deliver as much quality messaging and branding as possible. That’s why it is so important to maximize the potential. With small avatar size and only 160 characters for bio, by far the most influential part of your profile is the background.

Custom Background – Maximizing its Potential!

Twitter gives you an option to customize your background. Unfortunately, most people don’t take a full advantage of that and choose one of the generic backgrounds. Since most people on Twitter are either novices or not really active, there are not that many quality backgrounds out there. So, when someone comes across a nicely designed profile page, they pause. It captures their attention. Now, here is your chance to offer a message. Here’s your free advertising space. Use it wisely.

Custom Twitter BackgroundThe prime real estate of your background is on the left side of the screen. This is where most people choose to place their information as it will be visible no matter the user’s monitor size and screen resolution. Typically, this is where you can find a picture of the person or the business, a short bio, website URLs and usually few bullet points. While you have to be mindful of the placement so the information is visible to the widest audience possible, that is plenty of space for you to market your brand.

A well developed Twitter background allows you to direct your audience in any way you choose. It can be as simple as promoting your business URL so they know where to get more information about you and your company. Or you can be a bit more creative in capturing your audience. Do you offer free product samples? Are you trying to promote a new service? Are you looking for a website design position? Pick out the most vital messages you want to send, and communicate it! Again, this is your free advertisement so take full advantage and create something captivating.

When you have a customized Twitter background you are able to present anything you wish to your visitor. From a business perspective, tweets are useful to help develop new relationships, announce promotions, organize successful events. Without having a background with some effective messaging, your business is missing out on half of the advertising benefits from Twitter.

When visiting someone’s Twitter profile, the very first impression does matter. A custom Twitter background will help you set the tone and the image for you and or your company.

Interested in learning more about how to get a custom background made for your Twitter account? Contact my Studio!

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  1. Twitter has become so much fun to use, now that there are so many new tools to play with.

  2. It’s great how Twitter has developed in the past year and how many great things one can achieve by using well the 140 characters.

  3. Not sure many Twitter users login to the online interface anymore. With TweetDecks and other applications around, Twitter backgrounds are rarely seen these days. Then again, for those online interface users, a background can make a huge difference.

  4. Great tips…though we all know and probably use Twitter but most of us aren’t aware of benefits of Twitterbackgrounds.

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