New WordPress Website Design & Implementation Completed

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed the design and implementation of a new website for Uneda Roof.

The business owner, Chris Ewing, wanted to redesign his existing site which was poorly organized, quite plain and was not bringing in any leads. He wanted a professional look and more engaging site that would better represent his growing business.

Uneda Roof - Web Design Completed
We focused on the basics: optimized, quality content, simple layout, authentic imagery and visible call-to-action buttons. We also chose a simple color palette of red, gray and white.

About The Project

The main goal for this project was to build a user-centered website with easy to access information, and of course to capture leads.

Displaying the services offered by Uneda Roof took the center stage. Chris also wanted to showcase authentic project photos and client testimonials.

We placed contact information in plain sight and in multiple locations giving the visitor any opportunity to contact Uneda Roof thus improving ROI.

Uneda Roof - Web Design Completed

I’m still working on some last bits and pieces but we wanted to replace the old site immediately.

Please feel free to offer whatever feedback comes to mind.

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  1. Nice design! It is straightforward, to the point, and I think will accomplish your overall objective of increasing the client’s ROI. Good job.

  2. Thank you Reed! Yes, we were definitely looking for a straight-forward and user oriented design. Simple is often most effective.

  3. Hi Joanna. Yes good site, nice and simple design for customers.

  4. Hey Joanna, the website looks nice, simple, and easy to use. Is the old website? I wonder if it would be better to redirect that traffic to the new website.

    Keep up the good work

  5. Thank you Mergen. is a sister website. Old site (same URL) has been decommissioned and, yes, the traffic has been redirected to the new site!

  6. Great design Joanna!

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