Twitter and Hashtags

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What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words preceded by a “#” which denote what the Tweet is about. The idea was to makes it easier to search for Tweets about specific topics and events.

The usage of hashtags has grown exponentially and Twitter has taken notice. You may have noticed too. Hashtags are now being converted to hyperlinks which takes their usefulness to the whole new level. And it’s about time.

Why Hashtags are Useful?

Hashtags offer one more way to allow people to easily discover new Tweets outside their group of followers. Now that they are hyperlinked, when you click on a hashtag, you are led to the search result page for the specific hashtag. Whoot!

For example, you can search for terms that interest you, like #designer to get connected to relevant Tweets.

This trend started when Twitter added the search functionality back in April. Ever since, real time search has stirred up huge interest, including outside of Twitter community. Now that the hashtags are hyperlinked, Twitter users have even more power to interconnect. This will make it even more valuable to have a keyword (with hashtags) strategy for your tweets.