What is CSS and why use it?

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CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, have been around for many, many years now.  It is a simple mechanism for adding style (fonts, colors, spacing, layout) that makes for easier, more efficient and cleaner code.  Style sheets describe how documents are presented on screens. You  modify the code in a single style sheet, and the changes are carried across the entire website structure. That’s the beauty of it. No more messy code, no more editing the same thing over and over.

It is amazing how many web designers are not utilizing this awesome capability. Over and over, I come across a web site that looks great but is a mess under covers. The pages are slow to load, search engine un-friendly and most of all a pain to maintain (modifications are a nightmare).

Take my latest re-design, for example. The owner of All Ivy Tutors wanted an update to her site as it lacked flair and sophistication.   The site was coded without the use of css. Instead, there were nested tables all over the place. 222 lines in all. That’s huge considering how simple the site is and how little content it has. I redesigned the site utilizing css and now the updated website with added features is 88 lines of code.

Biggest advantages:

  • faster load time (even with added graphics)
  • search engine friendly
  • better display across different browsers and platforms
  • updates are a snap

If you’re designing a website or having someone do it for you, please don’t settle for anything less. Use CSS. It’s a great tool.

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