Who To Follow On Twitter – 5 Tips (for Twitter Dummies)

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There are over nine million Twitter subscribers today. How do you decide who to follow?

Here are 5 common sense tips that will help you to figure out whether following a particular user is worth a shot:

#1 Avatar

No picture, no follow. I like to see who I am dealing with and if they don’t care about showing their face to the world, they’re not worth my time (and are probably a spammer or some other evil creature). Also, a nice Twitter background will win me over.

#2 Bio

If it sounds interesting/witty/funny, they get my vote.

#3 Updates

How many updates do they have (unless they’re newbies, 0 updates is obviously a huge red flag)?

#4 Recent tweets

What do they Tweet about? Are they just posting links to their blog / website or do they actually have something to say? Do they reply (using @username) to others? Do they RT (Re-Tweet)?

#5 Followers to Following Ratio

A person with more followers then following is obviously popular Tweeter. If it’s the other way around, they’re either spammers, a newbie, or simply boring.

Do you need someone to show you around and get you started. Follow me on Twitter and if you follow the tips above, I’m bound to follow you back.