5 Steps To An Effective Website

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Every business needs a web presence these days.  Many choose to sign up with large or small template building sites offering pre-built designs that you can “tweak” yourself and be online in minutes. Oftentimes, these business owners find themselves overwhelmed with the whole process even though it’s claimed to be simple. Worse, websites built this way are week, both from user and search engine perspective.  Frustrated, they often turn to me for help.

A professional web designer can offer what these template sites can’t: a professional, trustworthy and effective site. A poorly designed web site can damage your reputation and drive your customers away. An effective website will not only provide useful information but also convert your visitor into paying customers.

So what makes a website effective? Here’s a list of 5 things to keep in mind:

  • Carefully constructed domain name that’s easy to say and remember and is informative , ie lgcrooginnj.com
  • Search engine friendly, CSS based, clean and valid code that will make sure your website displays the same across all platforms and browsers
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate and content rich site where your visitors will find information they are looking for fast
  • Call for action should be included to make it easy for your visitors to become leads – strategically located sign-up forms, buy buttons, etc.
  • Website promotion starting with the right keywords and pages optimized with those in mind.  That will help to put our site in front of your target audience increasing the odds of better conversion.

These are most basic and most important aspects of an effective website.  If you include those in your online strategy, you will surely create a successful online presence that will benefit your business’ bottom line.

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