Simplifying Search Engine Optimization (Taking the Mystery Out of SEO)

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SEO, search engine optimization, is a huge topic. Everyone knows about it but not everyone knows how to do it effectively. We all want our websites to rank at the top of search results for our preferred key phrases and SEO done right can get you there.
SEO is actually very simple. You need:

  • unique and quality content – this will naturally bring in traffic and encourage linking
  • on-page optimization – keywords and their appropriate inclusion in the content
  • link building strategy – the more sites give you their “vote”, the higher search engines (Google) will think of your it

taking the mystery out of SEO
Sounds simple but it can be quite challenging. Not everyone is a writer so some might need help from content writers to create copy that will pull readers in. On-page optimization should be handled by a professional as well. If you target the wrong keywords or go after phrases that are too competitive, you whole strategy might be a pointless. Getting links to your site (and I mean one way links here) is usually most difficult. You will need good marketing strategy, something most webmasters don’t know how to do properly. You need to be a salesman to be able to convince others that linking to your site will benefit them and their customers. you need to appeal to a different type your audience that your site might be designed for. This requires skill and determination but is by far the most important aspect of your SEO strategy without which you will never beat your competitors.
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