5 Non-SEO Tips To Improve Search Rankings

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Search Engine RankingsSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the basis for better search rankings. There are many techniques utilized by SEO specialists. When combined they can improve your SERP (search engine result page) positioning if you know what you are doing.

There are also non-SEO ways you can leverage to increase your search engine rankings as well. These can further strengthen your website in a way that search engines will appreciate.

Proper Domain Name

Get a domain that can be branded, and you’re a step ahead. Making sure you’re associated with the domain if you run a service is also a good include. So if you have a roofing business, lgcroofingnj.com might be a great choice. Notice how this local roofer included locality keyword (NJ) as well (great for brick-and-mortar kind of a business that caters to locals)

Website Usability

From usability perspective, clean and simple websites with straight-forward navigation, very clear information architecture and few distractions are best. And what’s good for humans seems to be great for search engines. After all all the search engine try to do is replicate user experience. If sites aren’t human-friendly, they are usually even more unfriendly to search engine spiders.

Local Search Rankings

Based on the increased efforts at Search “Personalization”, local search is becoming more important, and those seeking placement on a national or global scale need to focus on local search methods to show up in an area outside of their local market.

Leveraging Social Media

You can boost your traffic and success online with social media optimization. Communities like Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn offer plenty of traffic and inbound link opportunity, if used appropriately. They are great for building authority and connecting to millions of people at once.

Fresh Content

We all heard it, search engines love new content. Your visitors will also appreciate fresh content that is current and relevant. In essence, improving and updating your content can help you to gain rankings for terms that will drive traffic.

Keeping these five factors in mind when thinking beyond traditional SEO best practices will likely yield long-term success in terms of driving organic traffic.

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