Connecting Local Business with Customers: Findability Makeover

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Consumers and prospects are looking for your products and services. They must be able to find it easily and quickly, and their expectations must be met after landing on your page. Recently, I was asked to handle a redesign / branding / marketing of a NJ roofing business, LGC Roofing. They basically needed to increase their search engine presence and overall visibility.

LGC Roofing has been in business for over 20 years, only recently acquiring a website to stay competitive. They offer quality roof repair and replacement services to homeowners and commercial establishments in New Jersey. Owner Lukasz Sobczuk understood his website was not fulfilling its potential and the company was missing out on valuable opportunities. My job was to redesign the site and connect it with the target audience.


LGC Roofing has plenty to offer to its customers but the website had almost no search visibility under key local terms, from either a SEO or a PPC position. AdWords conversion rate was very low and even though lots of money was invested into marketing, the results were close to zero.

The website had a roofing theme but it lacked professional appeal and branding. The business was not landing on the first few pages for any key local term. Overall SEO score, according to Website Grader, was 26 (out of a 100).

Action Plan

Tip #1 – New Site Design with Increased Conversion Opportunity

We’ve redesigned the website creating a more appealing layout, warmer color palette and more calls-to-action.LGC Roofing - Website Redesign

  • Color – Using tools like Color Scheme Designer, we’ve created a warmer color palette that is more welcoming, relates to the theme of the website and it’s still a good background for text.
  • Usability – Clean design, user-friendly navigation and multiple calls-for-action are just some of the aspects I concentrated on. Moving around the site is very easy with all the pages available from any other page. We’ve displayed all the critical information (contact numbers, license / insurance notice) in a prominent way. We gave consumers various contact options from phone numbers to email address and contact form.
Tip #2 – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Once we had a more polished website with user and search engine friendly focus, we concentrated on making it more visible to the target audience.

  • On-page Optimization – We’ve optimized site’s structure, inner navigation, titles, meta tags amongst other things. With an addition of Roofing Blog, which further promotes LGC Roofing, we can keep our website fresh (which Google search spiders love) and have many opportunities to optimize for certain keywords. The blog is also helping establish credibility and offers expert advice to prospects which is another factor that pulls customers in. so a very powerful tool.
  • Marketing – There are many websites linking to LGC Roofing bringing its rankings higher. For a local brick-and-mortar type of a business like this one submitting to local and niche directories is a must.

The Result

Implementing these tips allowed LGC Roofing to increase it’s SEO score from 26 to 77. They are now seeing more qualified leads and are continually updating their blog and main site to keep their customers engaged.

They have been ranking much higher in organic Google search result pages, appearing #1 for a key phrase “roofing estimate nj” and many others. Their business is now easier to find, their website more engaging and consumers have more ways to connect.

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