Microblogging Power – 5 Reasons Why You Should Continue to Blog

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5 Reasons Why You Should Continue to Blog

How many times have you thought about quitting your blog and joining the millions who thought it would be easy but soon realized blogging is hard work? I know, I’ve been there myself.

Blogging not only takes time but it takes a lot of effort. You have to figure out an interesting topic, come up with content others will care to read, market it to the world and then do it all over again.

For some, blogging is a sidekick but if you want to be a successful blogger you need to treat it as a full time job.

The Power Of Blogging

If you’re serious about sharing ideas and having a continued dialog with the world, blogging is a perfect venue. Starting your own blog is the easy part. Continuing, when you’re not sure that you’re making an impact or progress, is not.

Here is 5 reasons why you should continue to blog:
  1. Expertise

    Blogging demonstrates your commitment to your industry and passion for sharing your expertise. That is something that cannot be faked long term. There are plenty of bloggers who give it a shot but can’t keep up. If you continue your hard work, you will surely be rewarded and recognized for it.

  2. Marketing

    Blog can be a great marketing tool for your business. Marketing is all about visibility—making the right people aware of the right product at the right time. Blogging has simplified the process as it takes less time, effort, and cost than traditional marketing and public relations. Today, blogging has become an important tool for reaching current and potential customers with personalized marketing message.

  3. Continuity

    Your writing is preserved by the search engines and can resurface at any point. That means that your quality blog post will be read over and over again. It’s like investing in something that just keeps giving back.

  4. Growth

    Your blog offers you a unique space you have full control over. It’s your writing, your layout, your work. Your blog grows in value over time as each post incrementally adds value to your site as a whole. The more posts you write, the more content you have. With more content comes more traffic and potential backlinks.

  5. Money

    It’s important to point out that most bloggers don’t make a lot of money blogging, but the potential does exist to generate revenue from your blog with hard work and commitment. There are many bloggers who bring in big bucks and many more who make a comfortable living blogging. And there are many ways to make money blogging.

A blog is the perfect place if you want focused attention or want to build an interested community. It’s your very powerful tool to market yourself, your brand and your business. You need to view it as a valuable investment, one you cannot afford to quit.

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  1. This is great. Blogging is such a powerful tool for providing exposure to information and other resources. Keep it going.

  2. Maintaining a blog can be time consuming in the beginning. However, once you get all the little plug ins and set up a internet marketing plan on what you are going to do ever day or two, then blogging can become so much fun and rewarding.

    Now, the key is to find or produce quality content that people will want to read about. Here is a little tip on how to get ideas for your blog.

    Go to Yahoo Answer and type in your keywords. Look through the questions and find one you like and use as your blog post title. Then start reading down through the answers others have left and compose your blog post.

    Now you will be providing up to the minute content that people are searching for.

    Happy Blogging,


  3. Great tip, Tamra. I also look for what people are interested in and ask about on social networks, especially LinkedIn Answers. Another idea is to look at what’s been popular on your blog thus far and write a new post on the same topic but looking at it from a different angle. It works wonders!

  4. Joanna,

    Another great tip! Thx


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  6. blogging is great but my question is how may topics/sub topics can one blog cover before you need to set up another blog i.e. cooking and the different types like chinese, indian etc…

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