Brand Identity Design Project Completed – Core Surfaces

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Over the past several weeks I’ve been busy with multiple projects but the most fun and gratifying was identity design for Core Surfaces (company website coming soon!).
Joanna Ciolek - Core Surfaces Logo Design

Core Surfaces, owned by Brian Putnam, is a brand new company based in Denver, CO. Core Surfaces offers concrete restoration and resurfacing, including coatings, overlays, and acid stains. His company caters to middle and upper class homeowners, commercial clientele, architects and interior/exterior designers.

Brian was looking for a long-term business relationship and was interested in all aspects of print and web design, SEO & internet marketing. As a long-time business owner he understood the value of creating a brand for his business, before going public.

It was up to me to create a brandmark to identify the business, helping set it apart from the competition.

We’ve started with the logo, then went on to design office stationary, including business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Next, we will be working on building a website and creating marketing material. Stay tuned!

Brand Identity Design for Core Surfaces

Joanna Ciolek - Core Surfaces Identity Design

Please feel free to offer whatever feedback comes to mind.

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  1. I like it: crisp and clean.

  2. Love it… It’s easy for a construction-material/industry company to take on too much of a utilitarian look or a strong, masculine feel — and for some reason there’s a liberal use Impact. I like how you’ve kept that strong, stable feel but gave the identity a nice contemporary look.

    My only thought for future consideration is the use of the icon cropped. On the back of the business card it starts to look more like a Valentine’s heart. I truly enjoy the icon and play with positive/negative, otherwise.

    Nice work:)

  3. Thank you for your comments!

    Stephanie, that’s a good point. One needs to step back and give it a fresh look to notice things like that. Thanks for being being honest.

  4. Sure thing… it happens to me all the time, too:) Really great work and I love the typography.

  5. Great work, Joanna. I really like the strength of the color red against the strong font for the company name. Clean & beautiful!

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