Want A Successful Website? Let The Designer Be Your Guide!

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Want A Successful Website? Let Your Designer Be Your Guide!

We all want to succeed. It’s important to our self-esteem but even more so to our financial security. After all, most of us start a business to become financially independent.

But the road to success can be tricky. This is especially prominent in the area of creating local business websites. Many small business owners are not very web savvy and don’t know what it takes to create an online presence that will bring in results. When you are a new kid on the block, you will surely stumble many times but if you learn from your own experiences and those of others, the success will be within your reach sooner then later.

Let Your Designer Be Your Guide!

Your website designer can be your best resource for what works and doesn’t work online.

I have designed and redesigned many websites for small businesses. I also learned, sometimes the hard way, what works and what can be a waste of time and money. All along the way, I’ve given ton of advice to small business owners who have decided to expand their presence online.

Most think that a flashy website is all you need to land on top of the search engine result pages. Some invest in all Flash designs only to find out they can’t later add a shopping cart to sell their goods. And of course most think they can SEO it themselves.

Sure, you can use a website builder software to create a site. But without an understanding of basic design rules, site usability, search engine algorithms and online marketing, your online presence is bound to produce little income and it might even hurt your business.

Here are ingredients for a successful online presence:

  • effective design (architecture, layout, site usability),
  • on page, search engine optimization (SEO),
  • internet marketing.

Success online starts with an effective design. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Listen to your designers, their advice can be priceless. They have done this many times and understand what it takes to build a successful online presence. This is their filed of expertise – let them guide you.

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