Design Project: Green Energy Website Redesign

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I was recently approached by a company specializing in residential geothermal drilling. They’ve been in business for a few years and managed to get by with a very basic retail web builder software site.

As their business was growing, and they realized that the time has come for a more professional looking, customer oriented website.

Colorado Geothermal Drilling, owned by Dan and Kari Rau, has been serving the growing, eco-friendly Front Range community for almost a decade. Dedicated to quality, the owners wanted the same out of their website. They wanted it to represent their passion for environment, clean energy and small footprint.

Before Redesign

Dan and Kari talked a lot about what they wanted their website to look like. We knew right away that the main colors needed to stay green/natural. Clean energy meant clean and simple design. We also wanted to grab visitor’s attention by incorporating green-themed images that reflected everyday life.

CGD - before redesign

The original site was in a very bad condition. It needed a complete overhaul: visual face-lift, content improvement, better logo placement, structural changes, improved navigation and above all a “green” theme.

After Redesign

After few weeks of work, we’ve come up with a complete new look.

CGD - after redesign

This is what we’ve done:

  1. We’ve built everything around the “Go Green” slogan – green dominates while other natural colors add a bit of interest. I’ve created an environmentally themed header that is simple yet to the point.
  2. We’ve included a slide show of stock photos that the visitor can relate to in terms of what eco-friendly means to us and how geothermal energy can improve out lives.
  3. We’ve completely reorganized the content to make it more user-friendly. With simple navigation, smart inner-linking and variety of useful information right at the fingertips, we’ve dramatically improved the effectiveness of the website.
  4. We’ve optimized the site for search engines to bring in more potential buyers.

The final product is a website that is not only visually appealing but also communicates effectively with the visitor. Dan and Kari couldn’t be happier customers. Thank you guys! It’s been a great project.

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