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Simple doesn’t mean simplistic when it comes to website design. Simple means that all the unnecessary elements are absent. The focus is on what’s important. The message is clear. That’s why simple, clean websites are effective in talking to their audience and getting the message through.

Simple doesn’t equate to boring either. In fact, simple is more beautiful because there are no distractions.

Advantages of Simple Websites

  •  Easier Navigation – Usability is a crucial factor of website’s success or failure. Navigation usability problems are common in larger, more complex websites but also in sites with complex designs, cluttered interfaces and ineffective layouts. Simpler websites have typically less pages and the navigation tends to be more straight forward. Navigation consistency, which greatly improves usability, is easier to maintain with simple, clean websites.
  • Faster Load Time – Simple designs generally result in smaller file size. That, in turn, translates into faster load time again improving user experience.
  • More “Scannnable” Content – When the distractions minimal, the content takes center stage. The focus stays on what’s important. Simple websites are a lot easier to scan making them much more effective then sites with cluttered layouts or intricate designs. As such, simple designs tend to be more user-friendly.
  • Faster/Easier Design Process – There is no doubt that simpler, cleaner websites take less time to build. Designing a site with a simple layout, one or two page templates, and simple typography is a lot quicker then building a site based on multiple templates, calling multiple style sheets, using complex typography. Especially if you start with a bit of wireframing. The initial design process and future maintenance needs are streamlined, making it more cost effective. Just make sure to keep the code as simple as the design is.
  • Less Server Space – Simple website mean smaller file size. This means that your site will take up less server space and bandwidth than more complicated designs. And that is money in your pocket. You simply won’t have to invest huge amounts of money into hosting a site that is clean and simple.

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  1. Hi Joanna, I admire you for putting up your freelance web design venture and I am in complete agreement that a website needs to be simple, clean, and effective like what you have here. One disadvantage that I noticed with the flashy and graphical type of websites is that they have longer download time. This is not favorable to users who have slow internet speed. Things would go worse during peak hours, and perhaps websites that are full of graphics and flash clips would freeze. I browsed through your samples and your concept of simple, clean, and effective websites are really great design. You have the talent. Congratulations and more power in your venture.

  2. I have to say that your designs are fresh and very easy on the eyes. I’m helping set up a quadracentifiable website-builder. I would love to hear about your ideas with regards to webdesign, I believe it will give the team inspiration. Would love you to drop by. Congrats with the new line of designs I especially like hero for hire, would love to do business with you sometime.

  3. Isabella

    bellow you will find some tutorials for layouts which i have tried latelly, and are very good.

  4. There are so many cluttered websites out there – it’s time simple and clean becomes a trend!

  5. Since these kinds of pages are easier to build than others, the cost for a designer to build such pages is lower at the construction phase. This is a wonderful benefit for a small business owner that wants to have a simple website in which the content will not be frequently changed.

  6. Thank you guys for your contributions. You are awesome!

  7. Website freshbox looks very nice!

  8. I definitely Agree. Being simple is not really that plain. I love websites that doesn’t hurts the eyes.

  9. Great post! Simple equals beauty, especially with web design!

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